A little history

We have embarked on a little research that will be added to the app in the next few months. While updating the terms database, we realised that there are a number of points in history that have formed the print or repro timeline. For this reason, we are considering adding a history section that outlines […]

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Update 1.3 on AppStore

The latest update to the terms database sees nearly 100 revisions and amends. Additional images have been added too.

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The aboutDesign app has been developed by Operandi Limited. We are a small business in London, UK, developing digital solutions for graphic design projects throughout the UK using Microsoft Office, Adobe Acrobat and FileMaker Pro. Our work includes developing digital stationery in Word, marketing and sales presentations in PowerPoint, and forms in Acrobat, that directly support new or existing corporate identity projects. We also develop project management systems in FileMaker Pro and are members of the FileMaker alliance.

We have over twenty years experience in the design industry, with a background in graphic design, print production and related IT.

For a better understanding of what we do, visit our own site here, we may be able to help with your own corporate identity project.